Boyapati crackle satire at Jr. NTR.

The statement made by Boyapati Srinu, who gave the blockbuster Simha to Bala Krishna is seen by observers as an indirect punch by Balayya to Jr. NTR and his recent hit ‘Baadshah’.

Boyapati gave a TV interview on the occasion of his birthday on Wednesday. In that interview, he talked about his career and his forthcoming film with Balayya.

In the conversation, Boyapati said he always maintained some values as director. He sarcastically said he doesn’t want a comedian to be the hero of a Rs. 50 crore film. He said he takes a film with heroism as the theme.

This dialogue is seen as a punch at Jr. NTR and Baadshah. It may be recalled that there is talk that ‘Baadshah’ became a hit because of Brahmanandam, who ignited the screen with humour in the second half. It was even said fans were watching the film repeatedly only for the second half and Brahmanandam. Now there is talk in the film industry that Balayya could have made Boyapati crackle this satire at Jr. NTR. The comment meant that Jr. NTR could not show any heroism and instead depended on a comedian for the success of his film, say observers.