Brahmanandam on Director Bapu


Popular comedian Brahmanandam has recalled his bonding with veteran director Bapu who just passed away. “Not many know that Bapu garu was a humourist. Although he was a man of few words, his words had humour touch in it. Especially, he shared good bond with comedians. Despite very limited, brief time I had spent with him, I could never forget that in my life,” shared heartbroken Brahmanandam.

He added, “Bapu’s art works, films are masterpieces. Had he born in Hollywood, he would had taken world by storm. I’m very proud to be associated with him. Both Ramana and Bapu shared very good bond as they were just like a word and meaning. They can’t be inseparable. It’s really hard to digest the news of his demise. He deserves a standing ovation from whole nation. I deeply convey my profound grief to his family members.”