Brahmanandam’s Dream Project with Triple Role

He is called the comedy king of Tollywood and atleast six out of ten films that release have him in one role or other. He is Brahmanandam fondly known as Brahmi and while he has carved a special niche of his own in the comedy league, it is heard that he has decided to come up with something different.
News is that Brahmi is working on a special project wherein he would be seen in triple role. And here is the best part. The three roles would be that of grandfather, father and son. Not only that, the role of the son would be of a mentally challenged individual so it is more of a message oriented flick with entertainment.
It is heard that this is the dream project of Brahmi and he has been working on that since quite a while. Given the current demand for his presence in many movies and various other obligations, Brahmi is reportedly going at a slow pace but the day is not far when his dream project will become a reality.