Brahmi Insults National Award Winner

Comedy King Brahmanandam can generate fun and laughter even without talking a single word on screen. But these days, he is imitating and reprising few real life celebrities to make a mockery of them. Here goes the latest one.
Actually, in an upcoming film, Brahmi is taking the name of ‘Vidya Balan’, a National Award winner for her stupendous performance in ‘Dirty Picture’. But we are not talking about this winner. The super comedian’s dress, getup and profession in ‘Daruvu’ remind us of a popular choreographer. A big tilak on forehead, sleeveless ethnic coat and a large neck-chain resemble Shiva Shankar Master. He made us proud an year back by winning National Award for his ‘Dheera.. Dheera..’ song in ‘Magadheera’.
Brahmi is heard making mockery of this talented dance master in Raviteja’s upcoming movie. Sources say that his dance institute in the film is a spoof of Shiva Shankar master and his antics. Writers may etch roles with inspiration from popular persons to make fun and earn audience, but it is actors to give weight to another artist’s talent, say critics.