Brahmi Torturing Krishnvamsi For Son

Despite of his stringent flops delivered in the recent season, Krishnavamsi is still considered reative and best in etching proper stardom to Telugu heroes. Sources say top comedian Brahmanandam is running after this sensational director now.
According to grapevine, Brahmi is in lots of tension about his elder son Gautham’s future in Telugu industry. Even after trying with a couple of flicks, Gautham never proved his capabilities as a hero. If sources are to be believed, this ace comedian is eager to produce a flick for his son under partnership with another producer. But, the comedian is not keen on completely investing for the movie, as he is anticipating loss, say insiders.
From Krishnavamsi’s side, Gautham is not counted as a spicy material with the young man having lot of flaws in his acting and voice. ‘KV’s movies require lot of intensity and melodrama where Gautam still need to improve’, a close member of KV staed. One has to see how Brahmanandam’s legacy will be carried out in TFI by his sons.