Brainchild of CM baffles all

CM Kiran is waging a valiant battle single handedly with his opponents inside and outside the party. He is trying to bring his stamp on Cong rule and introduced some schemes for the benefit of the poor. Most popular among them is Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu, a scheme which trains poor and provides them corporate jobs. In his recent visit to Khammam, as a part of his tour ‘Indiramma Bata’ to get first hand information of how the Govt programs and schemes are getting implemented, Govt officials made one girl who got employment under the scheme to speak with the CM.
An excited CM interacted with the girl and asked what job she got after undergoing training in Govt scheme. When the girl replied she got job in a diamond company, Kiran was stunned and remarked ‘Oh My God’ and trying to find out more he asked where she was working and for how much salary. All his happiness and excitement evaporated the moment girl replied she was working for 5k in Hyderabad. All the officials and ministers present at the stage were shocked that Kiran’s brainchild trained poor to relocate from Khammam to Hyd for mere 5k pay leaving all their belongings.
Now one should wait and see what Kiran will do to iron out the flaws in his brainchild. Many were seen murmuring that the officials need training on how to implement schemes for the benefit of the poor.