Brand Rajamouli to be on Top

With summer temperatures peaking up in no time and vacation to begin soon, every where there is a discussion on which Telugu film is going to be the best entertainer of season. While every one has their own speculations, one name found common among all is ‘eega.’ After too much of hard work put in by Rajamouli, release date could fall mostly on April 5 while audio would be launched on 22nd of this month (one day before ‘Ugadi’).
‘Though there very big names like Junior NTR, Ramcharan, Balakrishna, Pawan Kalyan in the tussle, brand Rajamouli is unique. He don’t need big star cast. Core content and Emotional Connectivity he maintains will drive film towards a Box Office Success. Very much likely we are to see ‘Eega’ come out as the best flick of season,’ is an opinion expressed by many.