Breaking: Telugu heroine beaten up badly!

Well, this is surely a bad news about Bollywood and the way they tackle people who are from other industries. Now, the point is that sexy heroine Shradha Das who sizzled screen with her sensuous looks is hospitalised. She was hit quite hard by another heroine who was acting along with her as a lead.
The other lady is Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Mannaara who is usually given importance during the promotion of the movie titled ‘Zid’. When everything was going on well, there were certain action scenes where Mannaara had to hit Shradha. Shockingly, she really hut her with the original sticks instead of the ones which are duplicate lie beside them.
This hurt Shradha and lasted with a clot in her eye. Now, Shradha feels bad about it and thinks that Tollywood is best for her. She also seems like telling to quit Bollywood films. She feels bad that her scenes are almost being cut and this makes her feel sad. She even mentions that Tollywood is giving her sufficient remuneration! Well, hope she recovers soon.