Breakup With Him Leads To Pack Up?

Only a few love stories that take a positive turn and end up in marriage, usually get heavy promotion in Tollywood. Otherwise, many heroes and heroines often deny about the past relations.

Here is one guy who happens to have dated and fallen in love with many heroines. Guess what, all of his girlfriends are big starlets who are running at the top of their careers when they fell for this guy. And now, looking at the situation of one hot actress who is not getting offers in Telugu right away, a talk is being heard.

Apparently, this guy’s first girlfriend lost her career after breaking up with him. Whether that accidentally happened or this guy frightened her producers is not known. Later he has dated another girl for two years and they got split, her career got hurt. She’s no more in the top league. And now, this particular youngster also lost big offers after ending her short love affair with our boy.

This is leading to the talk that a breakup with him is leading to career pack up in Telugu industry. Hope someone disproves this!!