Bulletproof Telangana

Don’t be shocked as to how an entire state can become bulletproof. What we are talking about is the extra special protection being given for the freshly made ministers of the Telangana government being led by the TRS party. It is heard that a total of ten ministers in Telangana will be getting bullet proof cars. Ideally, the bulletproof cars are used only by the Chief Ministers so far.
Apart from them, it is only those VIPs who fall under the Z and Z plus category security zone who are eligible for the bullet proof vehicles from the government. And there seems to be a reason why this decision has been taken. 
According to intelligence officials, the Telangana ministers are supposedly coming under the threat of Maoists whose movement has increased very actively and their lives may be targeted. With that in purview, the Telangana government went ahead with this decision. Well, this was one of the key concerns raised by many during the Samaikyandhra agitation. Just one more burden to the exchequer and loss of taxpayers money then.