Bunny And NTR Opened the Hot Gates


Two powerful heroes NT Rama Rao, Jr and Allu Arjun, never juxtaposes their imaginative beside director’s vision to create conflicts. But when situation demands their involvement, certainly they will never take a backseat to open their creative hot gates.

We heard it from ‘Rabhasa’ sources that Jr NTR is giving final touches to the first-copy of the movie. Director Santosh Srinivas has anyway made a noteworthy package for Nandamuri fans, but Tarak is worried about lag in certain scenes. He himself is throwing suggestions at editor’s table, issuing cuts and change of order. Similarly Bunny is also seen taking extra care about his short film ‘I Am That Change’. Sitting in the recording studio, he is making music director Sai Kartheek finish the background score job as per his liking. Being both actor and producer for this short billed to be a social-message oriented, the Mega hero’s involvement is justified.

Of course, with years of experience under their arms, any star-hero could easily guess what works and what not as if like a director, at least after seeing the output once. As long as their creative involvement doesn’t affect relation with a director, it’s cool as anything bad will put hero’s image at stake.