Bunny Charged A Bomb For 15 Mins Role?


Contemplating the idea of roping in a star hero for a 15 minute special role in ‘Rudramadevi 3D’, creative filmmaker Gunasekhar went from post to pillar to zero on one. Likes of Mahesh Babu, Raviteja and Jr NTR have half heartedly agreed to don the hat of Gona Gannnareddy in the flick, but walked away later. Finally our director is lucky enough to find Allu Arjun ready to wear the historical costumes. Gunasekhar termed this happening as a ‘payback’ time to Bunny for the loss of ‘Varudu’. Before this payback, how much he has paid for Bunny anyway?

Earlier there was buzz that Allu Arvind got impressed by the rushes of Rudramadevi and bought a share in the flick. As part of his investment he made his second son take up sword fights and horse riding for the movie for the 15 minute Gannareddy role. However rumour has it that our star hero was paid a whopping price for his good gesture. More than 3 crores were pocketed by our stylish star, if we have to go by reports. Though Bunny never demanded a hefty sum from his producers at any instant, this particular demand is looking little stunning. Whatever it is, his presence in Anuskha’s historical flick will be like an icing on the cake.