Bunny Silent Despite Kalyaan’s Tantrums!

Allu Arjun was in a tricky position. He is one of the biggest stars in Tollywood right now and small-time and middle-range actors would do anything to bring him to their movies as chief guest.

However, Allu Arjun himself agreed to promote Kalyaan Dhev’s flop movie “Vijetha”, just to humour everyone in their family.

Since Kalyaan Dhev is Chiranjeevi’s ‘inti alludu’, Allu Arjun came to the success meet of “Vijetha”. But Kalyaan Dhev didn’t turn up on time. Kalyaan Dhev threw tantrums and made Allu Arjun wait for him.

Although the film was a huge dud, Kalyaan Dhev seems to be believing that he has already become a star because he is the son-in-law of megastar Chiranjeevi.

The reason why Allu Arjun kept silent despite this incident is that he did not want to embarrass Chiru. He wants to be in the good books of Chiranjeevi, as it is on his name and fame that the entire family members have become stars.

Today, Chiru can boast of a ‘cricket team’ of in-house stars in the Telugu film industry.