Buzz: Deepthi Sunaina To Be Eliminated From Bigg Boss?

Is the YouTube sensation Deepthi Sunaina the next Bigg Boss contestant to be eliminated from the house this week? Well, looks like it is, seeing the Kaushal Army’s fury on the young starlet for the last couple of days.

In the Telecaller vs public caller task that was given in the last two days, Deepthi Sunaina, who seem to be having issues with Kaushal since the beginning, had vent out all her frustration on Kaushal like never before. At one point, Deepthi even rebuked Kaushal, saying that people who are watching him will spit on his behavior. But Kaushal had maintained his cool throughout the conversation.

Meanwhile, as expected, the Kaushal Army is vehemently targeting Deepthi Sunaina for her attitude towards Kaushal. Over the last few weeks, the Kaushal Army has been playing a major role in the elimination of some of the contestants who were having tiffs with Kaushal.

After successfully escaping from being in the elimination zone for the last few weeks, Deepthi has landed in the danger of being ousted from the show this week. The voting is underway already and let’s wait until Sunday to see if Deepthi will be the next victim of Kaushal Army’s fury.