Cabinet turns against CM ?

Normally any Chief Minister will have a cabinet of ministers with whom he will be ruling the state collectively for the benefit and development of people who elected them. However the Congress Govt in AP is completely different. Post YSR, with congress high command controlling from Delhi, appointing CM on its own, the cabinet ministers stopped paying respect to Chief Ministers. They started following their own agenda as CM failed win their faith and command respect. They isolated current CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and started creating troubles issuing statements in diversion with govt policies bringing headache to CM and stalling the functioning of the Govt machinery.
Ministers complain against each other, work against each other, stopped believing each other and are interested in just enjoying the benefits of power for their personal ends without working for the development of people who elected them. They try to take law in their own hands creating inconvenience to the people. This is for the first time in the history of Andhra Pradesh that people are witnessing Chief Minister and Cabinet of Minsiters in complete disarray.
What all these power hungry politicians fail to realise is people are noticing all their cunning acts and though they are helpless, they are waiting for the right moment go give a sound slap and teach them a befitting lesson. They are alreay seen questioning why parties and ministers not learning lessons from the results of recently held by polls.
One can not make noises in front of deaf and blind politicians. They are blinded by money and deafened by greed for power.