Cabinet war on CM

Cabinet declared all out war on CM Kiran shocking him in the meeting presided by him. He never expected it and was completely taken aback at the all out war waged by his ministers and bitter rivals in the Cabinet. Kiran who was planning to sort out the problems of the state convening cabinet meet found himself cornered on the same problems.
While his rivals DL.Ravindra Reddy, Botsa Satyanarayana and others decided to give shock to CM on Power, they did not even give him any respite on sand excavation by companies. Viswaroop, Vatti Vasanta Kumar, Danam Nagender, C.Ramachandraiah and K.Janareddy attacked Kiran and when Kondru Murali tried supporting him, questioning what anyone can do when Power Problem exists, they tore him apart.
They even felt that unless until the Power problem is sorted out they can not go to their constituencies and explain to people. They said many of the ministers are faced with power cuts and never knew when power will be there. They slammed CM for not providing free power to farmers even for one hour duration and taunted him to declare crop holiday. Political analysts feel that unless until CM Kiran finds out some or the other solution, he will be on his way out.CM many feel seems to be fighting a losing battle as there are no soldiers on his side.