Call Babu for unclaimed ones !

Strange are the ways followed by TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu. Currently Babu who is busy chalking out multi pronged strategies to win power in next general elections is coming out new creative and innovatively brilliant ideas. His one such scheme is giving 100 tickets to BC candidates. Entire BC community hailed his decision and buoyed by their response he went a step ahead saying he will send letter to Govt regarding BC reservations. This shows Babu’s strategies and telangana activists already started demanding same speed on telangana issue.

Babu is unfazed and started giving statements. He went hammer and tongs on Govt criticizing its decisions on fees reimbursement, and claimed that it was his pet project which YSR copied but Congress failed to implement it in a perfect manner. He said if voted to power he will implement in a better manner. Furious YSR party leaders gave a open retort to Babu saying that all the schemes are YSR’s schemes and even took Cong by scurf saying if Cong claims all YSR policies are Cong policies why were they not implemented across the country.
Political analysts are of opinion that since Babu and YSR share close relationship, Babu might have told his schemes to YSR. TDP cadres who were facing criticism for Babu’s claims were heard saying Babu has guts to say what ever he wants to say whether he is right or wrong and the same strategy is somehow keeping TDP alive and going.