Call Him Sir, Not Bhayya

Showing attitude at unwanted times only slims down the chances of a celebrity to do well in the film industry. Because if one shows his ego and unwanted arrogance, then other people will slowly refuse to work with him.

One such young hero who hails from an important family in the Telugu film industry is currently stunning every aspiring director. Reports are coming that though he is of very young age, he wants everyone to address him as ‘sir’ only. And if you say ‘Bhayya’, he refuses to talk with you and walks away by cutting the conversation in the middle.

Recently an aspiring producer met this hero to talk about the possibility of working together on a project. Immediately the producer called him ‘Bhayya’ considering that the hero is also a youngster. But the hero spoke to him for five minutes and snapped the meeting. Identifying the hero’s ego troubles, immediately producer said to him, “Okay Sir, When shall we meet again?”. Now that the producer called him sir, the hero is happy and then continued the conversation for one more hour.

Well, if you are worried about getting called sir and sambar, then surely many don’t even come forward to talk. Will this young hero take a note of it?