Cameraman ‘Chiru’tho Ramcharan!!!

Mega politics inside the ‘Konidela’ family are grabbing huge interest these days, with a possible ‘split’ talk hitting the top stars of Tollywood. Adding much suspense to the whole drama directed by Charan, PK’s latest move shocked fans.
‘Baabai is busy in United States..’, none other than RamCharan started the ‘soap’ to control huge fan-base that are going mad with ‘We want Powerstar’ slogans. ‘He is focusing a lot on Gabbar Singh’s post-production..’, Megastar Chiru added a mega-climax to Powerstar’s absence at ‘Racha’ audio function.
However, Pawan Kalyan Yesterday shocked everyone by attending the launch of his latest film ‘Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu’ at Puri Jagan’s office. To avoid the media, PK deliberately hasn’t invited Journos for coverage, but released the pics of the ‘muhurat’. What shocks everyone is how Pawan can finish such an important post-production happening overseas in just a couple of days. Has Ramcharan and Chiru enacted a big drama on stage that day to satisfy the ‘powerstar’ hungry fans, is the mega doubt! This is about ‘Cameraman Chiru tho Ramcharan’ for you folks.