Can Cong boons to CM bring them back to power?

Many are writing off CM Kiran and even media is coming with stories that his days are numbered. However all those seems to be fast emerging false as many top leaders from Delhi who visited Andhra Pradesh confirmed the continuance of Kiran in CM chair.
It seems Cong High Command is giving boons to CM by accepting his requests. CM Kiran sought the help of high command to reign in seniors in the party who are issuing statements against him and in return promised to bring Cong to power in state!. He even requested center to send strong signals to seniors that there wont be any change in CM post. APCC incharge Ghulam Nabi Incharge who came here seems to be toeing CM Kiran’s line as he ruled out possibility of any change in leadership.
Though many write Kiran off, he was instrumental in doing away with 14F ruling from Center and even bought back gas that rightfully belongs to AP. He is even going ahead with indiramma bata though his detractors are saying it has no green signal from High Command.It has to be seen how successful Cong boons to CM will help him bring the party back to power in 2014 general elections.