Can Danam do this to Mosque or Church?

Labour Minister Danam Nagendar yesterday showed his dadagiri defying court orders and locking ISKON temple at Banjara Hills hurting the sentiments of millions of majority hindus in the country. The only sin ISKON temple authorities did was they approached court as its temple lands are encroached by people who started staying there.Court after hearing its petitions sent notices to them and they inturn approached the minister who took law in his hand and started behaving in a high handed manner. The land belongs to Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple at Banjara Hills.
Those who go into the details, the temple actually inherited huge acres of land from the rulers since long time. However all those lands are encroached by politicians and various powerful people and some by slum dwellers. The temple is now confined to small place on a hilly area and as politicians couldn’t occupy hilly area it was saved from encroachments. ISKON planned to take that temple for development when the whole issue happened. Now the minister entered and started giving it caste color.
Many angry devotees question whether the minister would dare to do the same and show his dadagiri had it been the case with a Church or a Mosque?..They feel minister hurt the sentiments locking the temple on Krrishnashtami festival, which is celebrated on Lord Krishna’s birth. This shows the attitude of Govt and though all are against poor driven out of their houses, it is the duty of the govt to provide alternate arrangements rather than precipitate the issue giving it a case color.