Can Genelia make a comeback with Naa Ishtam?

Naa Ishtam is the first movie of Genelia after a long long time in Telugu after Ram Charan’s Orange. Orange was a commercial disaster and adding insult to injury, the movie producer heaped blame on Genelia’s unprofessional attitude as one of the reasons for the movie failure. She decided to take a break from Telugu and flew back to Hindi land. She married her long time friend Ritesh Deshmukh and came back to Telugu audience as Krishna Veni in Naa Ishtam.
But initial reviews and talks suggest that the movie might not serve the purpose of her comeback. Unlike her previous movies, she did a subtle character. Even though, critics appreciated her expressions in emotional scenes. It was not enough to help her career in Telugu.
Currently, she has no offers in Telugu. Lets see if she can bag one!