Can Nag ‘Sai’ recreate ‘Sai Mahatyam’?

Tollywood has been witness to many films showing the miracles and greatness of divine soul ‘Shirdi Sai Baba’. However of all the films one film that stands out and which many people remember is ‘Shirdi Sai Baba Mahatyam’ . The film featured Vijayachander in the lead and is directed by K.Vasu. The film turned out to be a sensational hit and even now the melodious songs of KJ.Yesudas, Balasubramaniam are played by the movie lovers and devotees of Shiridi Sai. Ilayaraja’s mesmerising music spellboung all at that time. KJ.Yesudas’ song ‘He Panduranga’ and SPB’s ‘Baba Sai Baba’, ‘Ma Papalu’ etc are still delicious treat to movie lovers.

Many are wondering whether King Nagarjuna can recreate the magic of yesteryear hit coming as ‘Shirdi Sai’. Nag is definitely capable of recreating the magic as he already proved his creative acting skills in devotional flicks ‘Annamayya’ and ‘Sri Ramadasu’. He is once again teaming with the same successful combination of director Raghavendra Rao and music director Keeravani. Already the songs tuned by Keeravani is catching the attention of movie lovers and general public. The tunes are being played in the houses of devotees of Shirdi Sai. Let us wait and see what sensation Nag’s ‘Shirdi Sai’ creates on silver screen. Movie lovers however wonder why it has taken so much time to make high budget film in 25yrs. Hope devotees thirst for devotional flick will be quenched by this film.