Can Natasimha become Political Simha?

Natasimha Balakrishna is who scored some sensational hits on silver screen in his glittering career is aspiring to recreate the same magic on political screen reviving the TDP found by his late father Legendary NTR and led by Chandra Babu which is at present in ICU grappling for ‘power’ful oxygen. How ever many political analysts wonder whether Balayya has it in him to bring back glory and golden days to TDP.
Sure that Balakrishna showed his power in various mass entertainers like Chennakesava Reddy, Samarasimha Reddy, Naarsimha Naidu, Simha and many others and even preaching how the state should be ruled as Lord Rama in Sri Rama Rajyam. His powerful dialogues and mass scenes along with thumping the thighs, killing enemies with eyes spellbound movie lovers. However all these reel life acts will not fetch votes in real life as was experienced by Balayya himself when he enacted thigh thumping in front of his sister Puranereswari’s house.
Even a keen strategist like Chandra Babu Naidu who once was the king maker at Center is at his wits end as to what to do in present telangana tangle with TRS chief out like a monster to eat out his party and even people believing KCR’s words though TDP won most of the seats in telangana region during 2009 assembly elections. Simha’s litmus test will be how he handles and guides cadre and leaders which are disillusioned and divided lot and looking for other parties for political future. He will be faced with internal and external adversaries unlike in glamor field where all listen to his words!