Can New Comer become Super Star?

Tollywood since its inception has seen many stars and super stars. Movie lovers after watching the standard some tollywood films are left wondering whether any talented youngster can become super star delighting everyone. Currently tollywood is in the grips of influential few and many talented youngsters are in the sidelines of arc lights when people supported by influential families and persons are ruling the roost. 
True over the past decade or so, tollywood has seen debut of many young and upcoming heroes mostly backed by power houses. Currently tollywood whether one agrees or not is dictated and functions according to the whims and fancies of Mega Star Chiranjeev’s family, Nandamuri’s family, Daggubati family, Akkineni family and more recently even by Ghatamaneni’s and Manchu families.
All the 24 arts of film making and their departments are ruled by them and one can not make a move without pleasing any one of them. Unlike olden days no big film maker encourages fresh talent and even if small film makers produce films casting new comers, they can not find theaters to screen film.

Movie lovers watch films featuring new comers only on word of mouth and just when a film is getting good talk, the film will be out of theaters thus dashing the dreams of many. Going by the current trend, genex movie lovers need only a miracle to watch a talented youngster cross all these impossible hurdles and become a super star.