Can Pawan beat Chiru’s vote share?


More than political circles, it is industry bigwigs who are showing more interest in discussing about Pawan’s  political ‘Aarangetram’. First they want to see whether, Pawan will supersede his star brother Chiranjeevi by bagging more than 18% of votes share (78 lac-plus votes) and then could surpass the 18 seats, his brother won, to stay ahead in the family race.

Chiranjeevi’s charisma (when he stepped into politics) was relatively higher compared to Pawan Kalyan (Pawan’s present popularity), as even many of Pawan’s fans are not convinced with his decision to jump into political bandwagon. Yet still Pawan could impress a section of voters and it’s too early to predict whether he could be a kingmaker or not.

Of course, Pawan is going to have stiff competition from existing traditional parties in twin states (since TDP, YSRC, TRS, Jai Samaikyandhra Party are way ahead at this moment) what would be his ‘vote share’ in quadrangular contest, to determine his connect with voters, beyond his fans and well-wishers. Will it be 15 or 20% of 5 crore voters? This is definitely a million-dollar question as of now which will be answered only by people. We have to wait and see.