Can Police trace Gali’s Gold

Police of Bellari in Karnataka received information that gold was found underneath the Sunkulamma temple, demolished by now jailed former Karnataka former minister Gali Janardana Reddy.

Mining operations at the temple site were suspended 3 years ago. However government gave permission to sell what was mined till then. Following this clearance, the iron ore dug from the site is being transported from Gali’s ‘Black Gold Mines’ since the last few days. It is learnt that when the workers of the mine tried to dig at the temple site by mistake, they found gold. It was hastily covered up and the lorries brought there for transportation of iron ore were sent back without loading, said police sources.

It is learnt that Gali’s company kept finding of gold a secret. Local people complained to the police that Gali’s men have been guarding the place day and night. It is being widely propagated that there was gold underneath the temple. There are also allegations that the temple was demolished for the gold under it. Police are now trying to find facts about the reports.