Can PowerStar overtake South Super Star ?

The success of the film ‘Gabbar Singh’ has once again reiterated that nothing can take away the sheen from power star Pawan Kalyan and just one film is enough to silence everyone around him. And now, an interesting discussion has begun among cine buffs and other observant.
They are wondering whether Pawan mania can beat the mania of superstar Rajnikanth. Well, Rajini is a national icon and he has got fans even in countries like Japan. But at one point, even he was restricted to Tamil Nadu. So, can Pawan come up with something that can take him to a national level?
Today, Rajnikanth has fans not just in Tamilians but also in Telugus and other language people. And Pawan has to come up with some project that can make him attain the same league. Many say the power star sure has potential to achieve such a milestone. Only time will tell whether Pawanism can get better than Rajinism or not.