How Can Rahul Gandhi Be Trusted?

Rahul Gandhi says that if the Congress comes to power, the first thing he would do is to give SCS to Andhra Pradesh. But what guarantee is there of this fact?For something like this to happen, Congress needs an absolute majority which is highly unlikely. If it forms a coalition government, why on earth will its allies agree for SCS to be given to AP?

Will Kumaraswamy agree for SCS to Aandhra or will Stalin? Citing this problem from the allies, Congress can easily put the issue on the back burner once again.Rahul Gandhi is just saying whatever comes to his mouth because he is also probably aware that the Congress will not come to power in 2019.

Meanwhile, such promises can do him no harm and probably help resurrect his Party in Andhra Pradesh.Congress has nothing to lose in the present scenario and even winning one seat is a huge plus for them.

As for 2024, who knows what the world will be like then?