Can Rajni’s Words Erase Kabaali Horror?

“It’s not good to praise my own film. But I’ve seen Kaala twice already and the film has come out really well” said Superstar Rajnikanth, other day at Kaala pre-release event that took place in Hyderabad. Unlike earlier, there is no mega guest in the event this time for Superstar.

Hitting Telugu people on the heart, Rajni made some comments like, Telugu people are the largest fanbase he has after Tamil audiences. He reiterated that he picked Tamil film industry because they launched him as the actor but has equal love for Telugu too. “Danush says that there is only one Rajnikanth. Of course, there is only one Chiranjeevi, one Nagarjuna, one Venkatesh and one Balakrishna. Everyone is unique in the league of their own and not replaceable” he commented.

All these comments are doing well but what is to be seen is, how far they will erase the horror of Kabaali that is fresh in the minds of Telugu audiences. Both trade circuits and audiences hoped big on that film directed by Pa.Ranjith, but it flopped big time. Now that Rajni is coming again with the same director, one wonders how the film is going to be like.

Rajni confirmed that the film is based on the lives of Asia’s biggest slum, Dharavi in Mumbai and it is a heart touching masala film. Let’s see!! Kaala is hitting cinemas on June 7th.