Can Rana impress with his dances?

Stunts and Dances are very much prerequisites of a hero to impress in Tollywood. Mega Star chiranjeevi almost ruled industry for 25 years with his dances as main asset. Such is the importance of dance. Rana, the scion of Daggubati family made his debut with Leader. He played the role of a politician in the movie in which there is no scope for dance. His second movie, Nenu Na Rakshasi is also the story of sad lover in which Rana did not offer much in terms of dance.These two movies had brought an impression on audience that Rana is not a good dancer.

Rana had decided to brush all this aside. He had brought in Choreographer Prem Rakshit for his latest movie Na Ishtam to prove his dancing prowess. He is said to have toiled hard in terms of dances in the movie especially in the introduction song.

Lets see how far he can impress audience!