Can small film makers bring change?

TFI is always in the grips of big four or five influential families or people and entire industry is reeling in its grip unable to come out of their iron like clutches. However small film makers created a sensation in recent film chamber elections winning over the influential members. Since for the first time, elections were held under electronic voting system and none can find out who voted for which group, all the film makers who suffered at the hands of these influential people voted unitedly for Tammareddy Bharadwaj panel during the Film Chamber elections. Those who kept film producers and film makers under their grip and tampered film production experienced shock of their life.
For years these influential few have been increasing rents of theaters as per their whims and fancies and even allotted those theaters to people who support them and exacting revenge on others who opposed them. They might have done all this but couldn’t make people vote for them threatening or keeping them in house arrest. Tammareddy Bharadwaj’s panel’s victory brings in democracy to the functioning of the panel. However the victory of the panel did not come so easily. The opponents tried all means to defeat them.They tried to introduce new panel naming it as active panel and this hurt the feelings of many small film makers. Now a days film makers have become cashiers and for that matter even Suresh Movies banner stopped making films.
This time Daggubati Suresh Panel have taken this elections prestigiously and gave parties to even members though they don’t have any votes. Even on polling day they tried to make Ashok Kumar,(Suresh’s close relative) as President as he luckily won the elections. However Tammareddy Panel opposed their moves and Suresh panel reluctantly agreed Bharadwaj as the president. Any film nagar sources say small film makers are dead against D.Suresh ‘s high handed ways and the same reflected in election results. However just winning elections will not solve the problems of small film makers. They should bring change in the system and take all parties along with them.