Can Vijayamma become Maya, Mamata or Jaya?

When Jagan floated YSR Party, his rivals including himself is fully aware that he is the fulcrum point for the success of the party and with out him the party can not stand on its own. Realising this his opponents targetted him day in and day out with one or the other allegations. Even Jagan delayed his arrest by CBI till the last moment. When many thought YSR Party would be rudderless and will be sailing in a directionless manner Vijayamma, widow of YSR enterted the arena and galvanised the crowd. Now many questions arise in the minds of political analysts and the most important thing is can Vijayamma become all powerful like former UP CM Mayawathi, Bengal CM Mamatha Bannerjee or Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha.
While some feel that with no one unable to predict when Jagan will be out of Jail, Vijayamma has fair chance to become that powerful if she in consultation with Jagan play her cards to perfection. She is already taking on other parties and Govt with her deekshas on various issues. Some others wonder whether this itself is enough. If one analyses Mayawathi’s BSP, Mamatha’s TMC and Jayalalitha’s AIADMK, all those parities have conveniently chalked out their parties policies and gave direction in such a way that they would support any party whether it is NDA led by BJP or UPA led by Congress as long as it serves the people of their respective states. Even their supporters including minorities don’t find fault with their change of stances frequently. However Jagan revealing his YSR CP strategy that he would align only with Congress and not with BJP at center , weakened his party’s strength and made him face barrel of allegations from opponents about his collusion with Congress. Had he chalked his strategies and given directions and prepared people before hand in the lines of Maya, Mamata or Jaya, then Viaya could have become another powerful leader.