is YSR Legacy wiped out?

For long many powerful political parties tried to erase and wipe out late Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh YS.Rajasekhar Reddy’s legacy from prints and electronic media. They felt that once his photos and name is done away with, schemes renamed, people will be erasing his name from their hearts and minds. THe ruling Congress Party which never allows to grow a leader beyond a certain level, tried to wipe him after his untimely death. It used all means, used wild allegations of corruption, leveled charges of quid pro quo conveniently distancing its ministers present in YSR’s cabinet from all his decisions. It even went to the extent of colluding with main opposition parties and others to change public opinion.
However much to the surprise of even experienced political analysts, YSR’s image and legacy forget about getting wiped out, is doubling like a phoenix. People, especially poor and downtrodden are unable to forget his schemes through which atleast one or two members of their family benefited. To the top of it, doing away with fees reimbursements, increasing powercuts, rise in kerosene, petrol and gas prices, rise in essential commodities, renaming of schemes introduced by YSR has not gone down well with the public. To the top of it all, the ill treatment meted out by the party to YSR family members made them red with anger.
Now top and experienced leaders of Congress Party are left wondering how to come to the terms of YSR’s legacy which has now become a ‘Brand’ and tackle it while opposition parties allege Congress colluding with YSR party.