I did not carry knife: TDP MP venugopal reddy

TDP MP Venugopal Reddy denied brandishing of knife in the Lok Sabha during tabling of Telangana Bill on Thursday.

“I snatched a microphone from Lok Sabha Secretary General which some may have mistaken as a knife! I pulled the mike that was in front of Secy General. It may have looked like a knife. I have not carried any knife into the House. I have high regards of democracy. My claim could be verified from the footage recorded by 10 cameras in the House. Instead, I was physically attacked 10 MPs and I would lodge a complaint against the same.

This day would be remembered as Black Day in Indian democracy due to tabling of Telangana Bill. Speaker should not be in the clutches of government and I question her on how the Bill could be introduced when the House is not in order,” Venugopal Reddy said.