Case against Pawan’s fan


The LB Nagar police have booked a case against a hardcore fan of Pawan Kalyan who allegedly “Photoshopped” a Rs 50 Currency note in which he replaced existing photo of Mahatma Gandhi with Pawan Kalyan and circulated it on social networking site Facebook along with a post saying, “Had Pawan Kalyan born 100 years ago, our currency note would have been like this.” This instantly got so many “likes” and “shares” online and went viral.

However, it didn’t go well with lawyers Balaraju and Arun who lodged a complaint with police claiming it as an “insult” to Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Cops have arrested the person behind this post and mulling over to book him under “cyber crime”. The lawyers now “holding” Pawan Kalyan as responsible and want police to book a case against the star. Cops are yet to take a call on this.