Case filed on Venkatesh Radha

Mr. Surendra Krishna files a case on Venkatesh’s next film Radha directed by Maruthi staring Venkatesh and Nayanatara. As per latest details Surender Krishna filed case in writers association and he claims that they used his story for Radha  without his notice and they did not even pay him any amount to use his story line.

Surender Krishna says that Home minister falling in love and making changes for her is completely his story plot and Maruthi director did not even contact me regarding this and also he is using his entire story which will be alegal problem for movie. Well Maruthi has a different answer from his statement.
In recent interview Maruthi says that “It’s not at all a copy of any movie and each scene is by his own, Surender Krishna did not knew the entire plot of story and filing a case without knowing complete story line is also a crime says Maruthi. Whatever may be issue, Venky’s Radha gains enough publicity with this before release.