Caste politics for CM post !

2014 state assembly elections may be long way to go but already political parties are busy chalking out their strategies to capture power and the coveted CM post. While TDP of which Chandra Babu Naidu is the president, announced that it will give 100 seats to BCs in the next elections other parties are revising their plans. Already TDP office is full of BC leaders who are keen on making use of Naidu’s bumper offer. All these leaders of various BC organizations in front of TDP office started lavishing praises on Naidu in their media conferences.

With Niadu trying to impress BCs, CM Kiran Kumar Reddy from Congress is on tour of entire state with his ‘Indiramma Bata’. He is trying to influence girijans and adivasis and other tribal people announcing various schemes for them. The very next moment many girijan and tribal leaders met him at camp office and immersed him in praises.
However both the parties started accusing each other that all those tribal leaders or BC leaders are not coming on their own but they are paid to come and shower praises. Analysts say that just these two parties are not leaving anything to chance and competing with each other in making free offers to various caste leaders and also go hammer and tongs at each other. It has to be seen which caste will swing towards which party in elections at later stage.