Cats are better than T-Cong MPs-Toothless Tigers ?

When one watches the noises and daring statements of T-congress MPs and MLAs in front of media, one gets the impression that all hell is going to break loose and tsunami is going to happen any moment with deadly force. Their lions Keshav Rao, Madhu Yashki, Ponnam Prabhakar, Gutta Sukhender and others show their full strength in full public gaze.

However people have seen their antics in front of channels and media for many times and they seem to forget that they can not fool people according to their whims and fancies. They make huge noises but in the closed door discussions with their high command leaders, they piss in their pants searching for words. Telangana people suspect that they are offered monetary benefits or threatened with cases. Everyone is aware that cases are hanging like damsel swords round the necks of Madhu Yashki, Keshav Rao and many others. The moment high command threatens they turn worse than cats. People are now seen commenting that these T-Cong MPs are toothless tigers who piss in their pants the moment they see Sonia. Many say they are worse than cats.
One knows what happened during the current session of Parliament. Sonia gave a strong warning in full media gaze but these MPs twist facts and say seemandhra MPs are planting wrong stories. Even they know that they failed miserably and people don’t believe them. However they try to take people for a ride showing seemandhra people as ghosts. If they think that they can save their power by portraying fellow people as traitors and robbers for some time these tricks may work out but after some time people see through their sinister designs and teach a fitting lesson.