CBI got information against Jagan through Pen Drive

Even very well laid plans can go haywire. This is the story of such a careful plan flopping, because of information stored in a pen drive and not erased.

The pen drive belongs to Jayadeep Basu, General Manager of Dalmia Cements. CBI got stunning information on how Y S Jaganmohan Reddy received kickbacks for favours his late father Dr. Y S Rajasekhara Reddy did to Dalmia Cements during his rule. CBI gave details of the information it gathered from the pen drive to the court. There were coded messages in the pen drive and CBI decoded these messages to show how Jagan received kickbacks.

In the messages sent by Punit Dalmia, MD of Dalmia Cements Jagan was referred to as ‘J’, ‘JR’ and ‘ Jugs’. A message from Punit Dalmia, MD of Dalmia Cements and A-3 in Jagan case said, “Payment of Rs. 11.25 crore was made to Vijaya Sai Reddy. Confirm with J”. This message was found in the pen drive of Dalmia Cements’ general manager. CBI interpreted that Dalmia Cements made this payment to Jagan through Vijaya Sai Reddy. Likewise, another message said, “Jugs received Rs, 3.75 crore through S Poddar”. This account was mentioned in code as ‘JR’ (decoded as Jagan Reddy). CBI informed the court that it received this information through the pen drive it secured from the Income Tax department. This shows how even careful plans could fail because of oversight. The general manager of Dalmia Cements forgot to clean up this crucifying information against his boss Punit Dalmia, which made one of the top industrialists in the country, a sitting duck in Jagan’s case.