CBI proves to be Real Cuprit ?

Ever since CBI was entrusted with Jagan’s disproportionate assets case, many suspicions were raised on its motives and the manner of its functioning.While CBI chief JD.Lakshminarayana was made overnight hero by entire media who was against Jagan from the beginning based on his actions, while Jagan’s supporters lashed out at them accusing the chief dancing to the tunes of his political bosses.
The entire case investigation took a new turn when YSRCP using fraudulent means got in its possession and revealed minutes of JD’s interactions with select media and even more selective leaks on the progress of the investigation of Jagan’s case. If JD.Lakshminarayana interacted in similar manner with entire media without discriminating the media as Jagan’s supporters and detractors, then there wouldn’t have been such hue and cry.
Many times Supreme Court on various issues pointed out that investigations should be done in a secretive and seclusive manner without leading vital information which may effect the investigation. This was not practiced by CBI and its chief. CBI is once again acting in high handed manner not replying to the exact necessity for long duration interactions with select media but going on arrest spree in an vindictive manner. If anyone is responsible for spurge in sympathy for Jagan, it is CBI which is the main culprit.