All Out Celebrations But Harish Rao Is The Key

The biggest threat to a family in politics comes not from outside but within. This has been proved time and again in history.Today, on KTR’s birthday, TRS leaders are falling over themselves in paying obeisance to the crown prince.Had KCR’s federal front plans materialized, KTR will probably be the Chief Minister in 2019 but with not a single political party responding to KCR, he will probably serve another term as CM which means KTR will have to bide his time.

But political analysts still opine that Harish Rao is the real candidate-in-waiting for the top chair should KCR step aside.When KCR has been admitting defectors into his Party fold, it is allegedly on the understanding that they would throw their weight behind KTR when the occasion arrives.

Clearly, Harish Rao is not on good terms with Kavitha and KTR. But in all fairness, it was Harish Rao who was the trouble shooter for the TRS and who worked hard, gaining respect for himself and the TRS during the agitation.KTR and Kavitha, sensing a golden opportunity during the T-agitation returned from the US and sidelined Harish Rao who has the reputation of being a more sincere and honest person.

KTR, though, will enjoy his royal life as long as he has his Dad behind him whereas Harish Rao is capable of surviving on his own.