Censor Board turning blind

 Film Industry has Censor Board to monitor the good and bad it is doling out to the society and try to put it on right track whenever film makers deviate in different directions. In the olden days board members used to be very strict and never used to allow even slightest of double meaning dialogues or even lyrics in the songs. However with the influence of Hollywood films they used to be a bit liberal but however compared to bollywood films, films from South still took time to break free from shackles of traditions. Even now slightest comparison between films from bollywood and south, shows that bollywood films passes censor board with intimate kissing scenes and erotic romantic scenes unlike southern films which face road blocks for a few minutes lip locks.
Film makers from South allege bias at regional censor board, accusing the director of showing favoritism to top film makers but showing stars to small film makers. They even lodged a complaint against the director with the Union Govt. Even movie lovers who happen to watch genex films are left to wonder how some films are getting passed at the censor board. They cite two small films which went on to complete 100 days successfully. However those two films are fully loaded with double meaning dialogues. Many question whether censor board has become blind. Many joke that censor board is following Gandhi’s principle not to see,watch or hear bad and so is closing its eyes while issuing certificates.