Censor Tension For Rowdy Fellow?

Nara Rohith’s upcoming movie ‘Rowdy Fellow’ is slated for a release on this Friday, November 21, across the globe. But what is still unclear about the movie’s chances in hitting the screens on the scheduled date. With Censoring still going on, one wonders when the Board will issue certificate and help the flick release on promoted date. According to reports, Censor Board officials are watching the flick right now at Prasad Labs in Hyderabad. 
By the time we got this information, they are halfway through watching second half of the flick. Probably officials will finish all the formalities by evening and issue a certificate. Generally they take 3 days to issue the certificate, but it is heard that Nara Rohit was given exception as screening of the flick got delayed due to non-availability of Censor members. By tonight, Certification is expected and then hard-disks of ‘Rowdy Fellow’ will start flying to screens across the globe. Hope everything goes well.