CEO Dilemma For Pawan Kalyan’s TV Channel

Needless to say, some hot shot Telugu news channels like TV9, ABN and NTV got popular due to their CEOs too. While some of them are former journalists who are even hosting some highly successful chat shows, some of the CEOs just run the show from the background. But they are quite popular and efficient too.

Recently news has come out that a new TV channel named JTV will be rolled out soon, and this media house is likely to support Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena party. What has become a big problem for this TV channel is that, as the channel is being funded by a group of businessmen, they are actually unclear about the person they should offer the CEO post.

Though some top most journalist-cum-anchors coming from the top Telugu channels are offered lucrative salaries with designations like ‘Editor’ ‘Creative Editor’ and others, it’s heard that many are asking for a share in the channel and CEO post too. This has stunned the investors of JTV because they never expected that CEO position will be that fancying among media folks.

Reports are coming that a decision will be taken on this CEO post and how the channel is going to perform once Pawan Kalyan comes back to Hyderabad after his Porata Yaatra. But huge time is being wasted in this process, isn’t it?