Certificates Issued For Baahubali Crew!!


Okay, we have worked on Baahubali, please find our name in the end credits roll— except this what could the technicians and crew working on Baahubali project could say to others in the future?

Film industry often celebrates success meets but only heads of departments, key actors and technicians will get the shields inscribed with their names. Taking all these things into consideration, Baahubali team has now come up with a unique idea to make everyone involved in this fabulous journey happy.

Other day Baahubali producer Shobu, Prasad and director Rajamouli have given “Certificates of Appreciation” to all the people who have worked on Baahubali for its two parts. From visual effects teams to digital marketing groups, from technical assistants to other major contributors, everyone involved with the film’s production got these certificates.

Also, like the way school children will take a group photograph will all classmates, class teacher and principal, Rajamouli and his producers have posed similarly with various teams.Definitely, these certificates will stand as a huge memorable in time and will leave a long-lasting impact even in the hearts of those receivers. Good job!!