Chalapathi Rao’s Another Vulgar Talk Against Women

Senior Telugu actor Chalapathi Rao has recently created a ruckus in Tollywood with his derogatory comments against women. He had said that women were good only for bed. The actor has now once again made a regressive comment against women in an interview.

Commenting on the dressing of present day women, he said that women must dress decently or shouldn’t complain when men tease them. He blamed the dressing of women for instigating men towards commenting or teasing them.

When the interviewer asked, why men tease and assault women in sarees if improper dressing is the reason of teasing, Rao said that people have freedom of expression in this democratic country, and women have to move on keeping their heads down.

He crossed the limits of shamelessness when he said that girls are given half sarees after entering into puberty in order to cover their chest. To the disgust of the female interviewer, he made gestures with his hands while making these comments.