Chandrababu in Dilemma for Pecedent Elcetion !

Telugu Desam party leadership is still in a dilemma over whom to support in the Presidential polls. Chandrababu recently gave a hint that his party might extend support to UPA candidate Pranab Mukherjee, as taking PA Sangma’s side will send a wrong impression that TDP will form an alliance with BJP in future.
However, Babu’s decision is gaining severe cirticism from the party leaders itself. Some of the senior leaders questioned that how will TDP which is known for it’s anti-Congress stand could support the candidate of the rival party. TDP leaders have been criticizing that Jagan colluded with Kiran Kumar Reddy’s government and also predicting YSR Congress will be merge with Congress from the past few months. Now, if the same leaders vote for Pranab Mukherjee there is chance of losing credibility.
lthough some of the party leaders proposed the option of staying away from Presidential voting, Chandrababu hasn’t shown interest in that idea and he even announced that TDP willn’t boycott the polls. The Presidential polls have grown into a big headache for Babu, as which ever candidate TDP support they can’t escape from the brickbats.