Chandrababu is Confident on Winning 2014 !

Time is approaching quickly for the 2014 elections and with this, the leading political parties in AP have begun to start the groundwork. However, one thing comes as a surprise. This is the confidence being exhibited by the TDP supremo Chandrababu Naidu.

Sources reveal Chandrababu is strongly confident that TDP will come to power in the year 2014 and he has few valid reasons for that. For starters, the Kiran Kumar Reddy is getting hit by one scam after another. On the other hand, Y S Jagan party is suffering from the constant attacks by CBI and congress high command.

At this point, Naidu’s observation is that the people will go for someone stable and TDP is the choice. Though TDP was not able to score during the recent by-polls, Chandrababu is confident that they can bag atleast five seats in the upcoming By-Election of 18 constituencies.

As it is, the Telugu people have experienced CBN’s regime for two terms and they are regretting bringing the congress back to power given the outrageous levels of corruption. Let us wait and see how Chandrababu’s confidence will work.