Chandrababu Naidu surprised when met with Duplicate !

We often see actors playing dual roles in films, but in reality finding a lookalike is a tough task. The TDP leaders, however, succeeded in discovering the lookalike of their party president. TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu and party leaders were in a state of shock for a moment, as a very unusual thing has happened in their presence.
When Chandrababu was campaigning for the party’s win in the ensuing by-polls in Tirupati few days back, a person who looks like him came to the meeting to meet him. Looking at the duplicate Babu, party men including senior leaders Gali Muddukrishnam Naidu and MP Siva Prasad were taken aback in surprise. Even Chandrababu was shocked to find many similarities between him and the duplicate. In fact, No one could differentiate them if they stand side by side.
Meanwhile, few of the party leaders introduced the duplicate as Rukmamgadha Babu to Chandrababu. Rukmamgadha who is a native of Tirupati is an die-hard fan of the TDP Chief. Chandrababu gave a hearty laugh looking at his duplicate from very closely distance and felt happy with the arrangement of party leaders to surprise him.